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FAQ - Elevators, Stairway Chairs, Dumbwaiters & Wheelchair Lifts

Are elevators expensive?

Elevators are not expensive when you consider the benefits and resale value to your investment. Safety, reliability and service are key to enjoying your elevator for years to come. 2nd Floor and More, Inc. sells high quality residential elevators at competitive prices. We also offer service so if you do have any problems with your home elevator, we will respond immediately.

Does the stairway need to have a wall on both sides to accommodate a stair lift?

No, stair lifts are typically anchored to the stair treads, so a wall is not needed.

Can an accessibility lift be self-installed?

Most manufactures discourage the installation of accessibility lifts by anyone other than a trained and authorized dealer and most will not honor any warranty if an accessibility lift is self-installed.  In commercial applications, accessibility lifts are required to be installed to conform to local and National Codes and to be inspected by the local authority having jurisdiction prior to placing the unit in service.  If a unit is not installed to code by trained technician the accessibility lift would not pass inspection and could make the installation unsafe.

What happens if there is a power failure?

There is a battery back-up system that will allow the car to lower to a designated floor and unlock the door.

What is the weight capacity on a dumbwaiter?

Between 50 and 500 pounds depending on the size.